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World Champions - Football Scratch Card

Scratch the nine squares, collect three identical champions in one row and win up to $200,000! World Champions are marvellous scratch cards, and undeniably a fascinating instant game, where you are able to win huge amounts in a short time. Play World Champions and experience the pleasure of the virtual world of online scratch tickets. No download is needed to play World Champions and it is a free the online game!

Football Scratch Cards

How to Play World Champions Scratch Cards

Decide on an amount of bet and click the on the +/– signs on the Bet button. The card price can be between $0.50 and $20. Pressing space bar on the keyboard or clicking the PLAY button starts the game. You can see the game number on the left of the game window. The scratch game comprises of 9 scratch squares. You can scratch the 9 squares and the Prize area individually using your mouse or make use of the SCRATCH ALL button to discover all the symbols fast.

You are introduced to a square that is divided into nine smaller squares consisting of champion symbols on entering the cards game. World Championss is located in the category, Fantasy Scratch. Position the cursor over the World Championsicon to obtain a better view of the icon. World Champions scratch game opens on clicking the icon! If you obtain three matching icons in a row or two matching icons with the golden cup wild card vertically, horizontally or diagonally, you will win the game. The applicable prize for the game is also shown and will be credited to your account.

The Rules of the Game

The Golden Cup icon is a wild card symbol and can replace any other symbol just as that of a Joker in card games. Golden Cups are of four kinds: the plain one, which does not multiply a prize and the multiplier type which multiplies the prize 2, 5 or 10 times.  Your overall win will be the game prize multiplied by the multiplier for the Golden Cup, if applicable. Thus, if the multiplier factor of the Golden Cup is 5, then your total win will be equal to the game prize multiplied by 5.

The play button has two other roles, Play Again and Scratch All. You are able to automate the game for a preset number of games at a chosen card price using ‘Autoplay’! There is the balance money display on the bottom left of the window and the maximum possible win for the chosen card price is displayed on the top left of the game window.

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